Plug, pay, charge, and go

Electrify America charging stations feature the nonproprietary and universal standard, Combined Charging System (CCS), and the global standard charging technology, CHAdeMO.

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Combined Charging System (CCS)

  • CCS chargers have green connectors

  • CCS chargers provide up to 350kW of power

CHAdeMO Chargers

  • CHAdeMO chargers have blue connectors
  • CHAdeMO chargers provide up to 50kW of power

How to start

When using an Electrify America charging station, look for the color-coded labels that indicate CCS (green) or CHAdeMO (blue). The available power level on Electrify America DC fast chargers, ranging from 50kW up to 350kW, is displayed directly below the connectors.

Convenient and smart

The dual charging cables are designed to charge an Electric Vehicle regardless of which side the vehicle’s charge port is on. The maximum power level to be delivered for a session will be determined automatically by the vehicle.

Charging complete

Your vehicle will stop charging once it’s fully charged. If you want notifications about the progress of your vehicle’s charging or a receipt upon completion of the charging session, provide your mobile phone number when prompted on the charger screen.

Where is the charging infrastructure going to be located?

To locate an Electrify America charger near you, search the online map here. For your convenience, Electrify America charging stations locations include multiple DC  fast chargers and Level 2 stations. 

What is the price to charge at Electrify America charging stations?

For more information on Electrify America pricing please visit:

What payment methods are accepted?

All Electrify America chargers accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards as well as Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

How do I start a DC fast charging session at an Electrify America charger?

To charge DC-capable EVs:

  1. Plug. Choose a compatible DC Fast connector and plug it into your vehicle’s charge port.
  2. Pay. Insert or swipe your credit or debit card to authorize your charging session following the display screen instructions.
  3. Charge. Take advantage of charging session text notifications and receive a receipt by text to optimize your time. Messaging and data rates may apply.
  4. Go. Upon completion of your vehicle charge, unplug, and continue on your way.